Why HD?

A Technically-superior wedding video service.

Q: So what makes our videos look so much better, and why should I care?

To start with, we shoot everything in High Definition - HD . Full HD. That’s 1080P, which stands for 1080 lines, Progressive Scan.

A lot of videographers shoot with DV cameras. While these were the pinnacle of technology in 1995, they still shot interlaced footage. Interlacing is a method of recording alternate scanlines to conserve on bandwidth for television broadcast. It effectively lowers the vertical resolution of the picture, especially in scenes where things are in motion. The result is jaggies on edges, especially if you pause the video to look at a shot.

DVD doesn’t have the limitations that television does, as it can handle Progressive Scan video. When a film is transferred to DVD, the film frames are scanned all at once, not in to interleaving passes, which provides a superior picture detail. And when you pause the playback, the picture remains sharp and clear.

We also shoot in high definition, even when our footage is going to be used to make a regular DVD. There are real benefits to this. While a lot of wedding/event videographers use “DV” cameras because they feel that their customers are happy with the results, we choose to take a different tact and improve on the status quo. We recognized that DV’s other shortcoming was a lower color subsampling rate. DV simply doesn’t record colors at a very high resolution. Have you ever noticed that red taillights, and red sports cars seem to be a little “fuzzy” around the edges? That’s because of the reduced color subsampling in DV and NTSC television.

So what’s better about our high definition? Besides the raw resolution being six times as much as it is with standard definition video, the color is sampled four times as often, resulting in 24 times more color information on the HD master video. Since DVD can render 4 times the color detail that DV can, our high color HD footage will look much better too. It’s still a standard DVD that you can play on any DVD player, but the quality of the signal is the absolute best that DVD can be. So your bouquet of red roses won’t look like a red fuzz-blob. And if your photographer failed to get all the shots, we can provide you with nice 2.2 megapixel stills from our HD editing system, which can enlarge to 8x10 quite nicely. So you can see that the benefits of our HD shooting are numerous.

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