CANDLEWOOD VIDEOGRAPHY holds a singular philosophy as it's business model: to be the absolute best at what we do. A corollary to that is what the Japanese refer to as kaizen or continuous improvement. That's why our clients always know that we're on top of our technology, utilizing the very latest equipment, software and techniques, to produce the wide array of video products that we create daily.

Mark Weiss
, Director of Video Production

Bringing a wide range of related skills to the business, Mark is a perfectionist whose uncompromising standards produce some of the finest video out there. With experience dating back to the mid-1980s in video and the mid-1970s in the audio field, Mark has warmly embraced the digital era of video and sound and fully understands the mediums in such a manner as to be able to achieve stunning results that represent new benchmarks in the industry. He is the architect behind MW HD Pro Video and has also custom designed all of the video editing workstations used to produce the voluminous amounts of video that we work with each week. His philosophy is simple: use the best equipment and software to ensure on-time delivery of the highest quality product. He constantly researches new ideas, drawing from the best all around the world, and bringing fresh ideas to our local clients--ideas which make our products unique and original.

Mary Ann Weiss, Creative Director and Webmaster

Mary Ann is both a driving force behind our creative design team as well as the quality control specialist. Her keen sense of what's appropriate and her ability to find subtle errors ensures that our finished product leaves our facilities with perfection.



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